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Storage Tank Systems

Single or Multi-Leg Push-Fit Tank Systems

The Complete Tank System

Our unique range of large diameter fittings enables engineers and contractors to design and build complete tanks systems for stormwater and foul water attenuation or storage.

Large Diameter Tank Systems, Redefined

Sealed, Push-Fit tanks, installed in any weather, with no requirement for welding on site.

Rapid Installation

Manifolds are quickly set in position and pipes are placed and joined in record time.

Robust and Durable

Units are very robust during installation and throughout their design life.


Efficient installation reduces project programme time.

Long-Term Performance

High-quality materials provide unrivalled long-term performance with minimal maintenance.

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Attenuation Tank Components

ImageDescriptionPipe DiametersSample Fabrication Drawings
Single Side Manifold with Access Turret900 - 2250 mm

Double Side Manifold with Access Turret900 - 2250 mm

Access Tee Pipe900 - 2250 mm

Access End Pipe900 - 2250 mm

Access End Pipe with Invert Level Outlet900 - 2250 mm

Access End Pipe with Sofit Level Inlet900 - 2250 mm

Typical Construction Detail

Gravity pipes
Pipeline Access
Storage Tanks

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