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Aquaspira for Renewable Energy Projects

The combined features of Aquaspira CSR pipes make them the ideal choice for hydro energy pipelines and culverts for wind farms or new power network infrastructure.


Recycled steel content


Solar energy utilised
in pipe production


Bespoke pipe lengths and fabrications available

Energised by Innovation

Utilising innovative composite pipe technology to meet the needs of renewable energy development in remote locations

Most Popular Applications

The preferred choice for large diameter pipe applications across the UK

We’ve got you covered.

Versatile and Efficient Pipe Solutions for Remote Locations

Range of lengths to suit any application or location.

  • Short or bespoke lengths to enable radius formation
  • Light weight pipes supplied in easy-to-handle packs
  • Rapid jointing enables efficient installation regardless of pipe length

Quick & Simple to install.

  • Socket & spigot joints with integral seal
  • No requirement for on-site joint welding
  • Can be installed in any weather, and even in part waterlogged trenches

Carbon Reduction

  • 25% less excavation*
  • 60% fewer deliveries*
  • Lowest manufactured CO2 in class

*compared to equivalent size concrete pipe

Leading Renewable Providers Trust AquaSpira

Our Network

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