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Pipeline Access

Integral, Prefabricated Access Units

Access The Future…Today

An innovative range of Access Units developed to simplify the method of incorporating access into large diameter pipelines, radically accelerating the process of pipe installation and significantly improving site safety.

Large Diameter Pipeline Access, Redefined

Making cumbersome, conventional concrete manholes a thing of the past

Rapid Installation

Routinely installed within an hour compared to several days for a conventional large manhole.

Small Footprint

Minimal footprint in new estate roads, and particularly in existing roads where other utilities may be present.

Long-Term Performance

High quality materials provide excellent long-term performance, consistent with CSR Pipes.

Reduced Programme

Average saving of 3 days per manhole, offering the potential to take weeks off programme time.

Enhanced Safety

Much safer construction procedure – also enabling deep excavations to be backfilled immediately.

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ImageDescriptionPipe Diameter RangeRange of Angles in 5° IncrementsSample Fabrication Drawings
Access Bend900 - 2250 mm5 - 90°

Bend900 - 2250 mm5 - 90°

Typical Site Construction Details

Access Pipes and Access End Pipes

ImageDescriptionPipe Diameter RangeSample Fabrication Drawings
Access Tee Pipe900 - 2250 mm

Access End Pipe900 - 2250 mm

Access End Pipe with Invert Level Outlet900 - 2250 mm

Access End Pipe with Soffit Level Inlet900 - 2250 mm

Typical Site Construction Details

Gravity pipes
Pipeline Access
Storage Tanks

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