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Aquaspira for Water Utilities

Approved for use in all water company regions. Aquaspira is the preferred choice for large diameter pipe applications across the UK.


The weight of
concrete pipes


Less loads &
offloading time


Less excavation
than for concrete pipe

Let it Flow

From the mitigation of flood risk to improved health and safety on site. Aquaspira Composite Steel Reinforced pipes are helping Water Utilities to reduce programme length and disruption.

Most Popular Applications

The preferred choice for large diameter pipe applications across the UK

We’ve got you covered.

Need to install large diameter pipes in an existing road?

Significantly smaller OD

  • Reduces required footprint, excavation and cart-away by an average 25% compared to concrete pipe

Reduced backfill material

  • Due to smaller trenches and the straight profile of the pipe and joint

4% the weight of concrete pipes

  • Based on average diameter range

Short lengths

  • Enables pipes to be manoeuvred around or beneath other existing services

60% fewer loads

  • Often into congested areas with delivery constraints

Socket & spigot, sealed, push-fit joints

  • For quick, accurate and safe jointing

Easy lateral connections

  • Designed to offer a simple, neat method for creating branch connections

Our Network

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