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Aquaspira for Commercial Developments

Proven to deliver optimum design efficiency and cost savings on many of the largest projects over the past 10 years.


Less excavation


Reduction in offloading time and movement around site


Less concrete per manhole

Designed and Built…Better.

Integrated Pipe, Pipeline Access and Surface Water, Foul Water and Rainwater Storage Tank Systems.

Most Popular Applications

The preferred choice for large diameter pipe applications across the UK

We’ve got you covered.

Value engineered drainage solutions for optimum performance and cost efficiency

Efficient, Integrated Design

  • Optimised utilisation of large diameter pipe and access systems
  • Maximum online storage = minimum offline tanks
  • Combined pipe and tank solutions

Reduced Programme Time

  • Rapid, safe offloading and movement around site
  • Quick & efficient installation using light weight, sealed, push-fit pipes and access units
  • Days of construction time saved for each manhole

Minimal Footprint

  • Smallest pipe OD and trench width available
  • Access units fit within the same narrow trench

Ideal for Brownfield

  • Fully sealed pipe & access system
  • No ingression of contaminated groundwater
  • Reduced excavation of potentially contaminated ground
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Carbon Reduction

  • 25% less excavation*
  • 60% fewer deliveries*
  • Lowest manufactured CO2 in class

*compared to equivalent size concrete pipe

Leading Commercial Contractors Trust Aquaspira

Our Network

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