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A Low Carbon Alternative to Concrete Pipes

Aquaspira Composite Steel Pipes transform your projects with reduced excavation, huge opportunities for faster programme times, lower embodied carbon, and more value for money compared to concrete pipes.

Trusted by the UK’s utility companies

Why project leaders choose Aquaspira CSR pipes over concrete

Uncompromised design meets precise engineering and attention to detail with full technical support. See what comes as standard with Aquaspira.

FeaturesAquaspiraConcrete Pipe
120-year+ design life*
Low embodied carbon footprint
Improved site safety
Push-fit socket & spigot joint
Joint insertion marker
Integral seal on all sizes
Minimal overall OD
Minimal footprint in highways – pipe and access
Reduced excavation and backfill material in highways
All diameters and access units handled with small machines
Fewer delivery, cart-away and aggregate loads
Integrated, push-fit, sealed access units
Quick and easy installation
Reduced site programme time
Design support

*In foul water exposure to H₂S will cause biogenic corrosion resulting in reduced asset life

Our commitment to design and innovation propels us towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Weight Comparison - Aquaspira vs Concrete Pipe

Nominal Diameter (mm)Aquaspira(3m/2.6m*)(Kg)Concrete(2.5m)(Kg)

The primary difference between concrete and Aquaspira integrated pipe & access systems is that we include everything you need to run your project end-to-end.


Carbon Reduction

Experience a 96% reduction in product mass, 25% reduction in excavation, 60% reduction in transport and 85% recycled steel.

Maximize Land Utilisation

Leverage minimal footprint via increased storage capacity in highways and estate roads.

Enhance Health & Safety

60% less HGV deliveries, and 75% fewer movements around site.

Better for Brownfield

Excellent chemical resistance and a fully sealed pipe & access system that prevents the ingression of contaminated groundwater.

Long-term Performance

Fully resistant to H2S biogenic corrosion.

End-to-End Support

We care about our customers. That's why Aquaspira delivers an uncomplicated process from design to install, enabling your projects to run smoothly from start to finish... and beyond.

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