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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Transforming Industries Through Sustainable Innovation

Let it Flow

From the mitigation of flood risk to improved health and safety on site. Aquaspira Composite Steel Reinforced pipes are helping Water Utilities to reduce programme length and disruption.

"Aquaspira recognise that the physical product and the associated advice is central to our offering. The capacity to consistently deliver that offering is generated by our culture. This section of the website is designed to communicate the key ingredients of that culture."

Neil Wallace
Managing Director

Unveiling the Core Ingredients of Aquaspira's Transformative Culture

Welcome to our transformative journey in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG). Dive into the heart of sustainable innovation as we explore how ESG principles are reshaping industries. Join us in this video to discover our commitment to driving positive environmental impact, fostering social responsibility, and upholding strong corporate governance. Together, we're creating a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

Our Governance

Our strong corporate governance ensures legal compliance and effective strategic oversight:

Neil Wallace

As the Managing Director and a founding shareholder, Neil leverages his extensive background as a Chartered Accountant and profound industry expertise to oversee compliance and operational aspects of our organisation.

Mark Stanway

With a comprehensive background in the construction sector, Mark serves as our Sales Director, playing a crucial role in strengthening our market presence and driving sustainable growth.

Dr. Paul O'Regan

As the Technical Director, Paul brings his expertise in large diameter pipes and makes impactful research contributions that enhance our technical capabilities and bolster safety measures.

Chris Barrick

Chris, our Finance Director, is dedicated to maintaining financial stability and implementing strategic financial planning on a daily basis to strengthen our business.

David Roberts

With a marketing background, David leads governance and strategy oversight, drawing from his experience in various industries.

Paul Duncombe

A Chartered Engineer with investment management experience, Paul contributes valuable insights to our governance practices.

Our Staff

Our exceptional staff plays a pivotal role in our success:

Diverse Expertise

Our team embodies a wide range of skills, from manufacturing to research and administration.

Investing in Growth

We actively invest in our staff’s growth, with training, education, and apprenticeship programs.

Health and Safety Priority

Our ISO 45001 certification underscores our unwavering commitment to staff health and safety.

Our Community

At Aquaspira, we’re deeply committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. Our initiatives include:

Local Partnerships

We’ve sponsored sports teams and individuals, fostering community engagement and supporting local endeavours.

Educational Support

Collaborating with schools like Thorneyholme Primary School and St. Augustine’s Billington, we’ve helped develop play apparatus and memorial gardens.

Employee Volunteering

Our staff dedicates time to voluntary work during working hours, actively contributing to community growth.

Universities Collaboration

We’re proud to work with universities, offering industrial placements and contributing to education through research partnerships.

Political Involvement

We work closely with local MPs and councillors, actively participating in community discussions.

Our Environment

AquaSpira commitment to environmental sustainability is at the core of our operations

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We drive carbon reduction through digital product innovation, aiding customers in lowering their environmental impact.

Mechanical Equipment Extract Point

We’ve developed mechanical equipment to extract steel from manufactured profiles, contributing to internal recycling efforts.

Recycling Success

Through recycling initiatives, we’ve achieved an impressive 80% reduction in landfill since our sustainability journey began.

Research and Development

Collaborating with the National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF), we focus on carbon reduction and asset monitoring through sensor technology.

Sustainability Milestones

Achieving a 35% reduction in Scope 2 carbon emissions by installing solar panels and improving processes, and recycling steel and HDPE highlight our dedication to sustainability.

Our Market

We actively shape the industry through research, development, and industry involvement:

Cutting-Edge R&D

Our initiatives, including embedding sensors in pipes and developing Digital Twins, lead to improved design and reduced carbon usage.

Industry Engagement

Through organisations like The Pipeline Industry Guild, we contribute to industry standards and advancements.

Innovation Recognition

Our work was recognised with the Innovation Award by the Pipeline Industrial Guild in 2022.