AquaSpira pipes are approved for use in all Water Company regions and in many regions they are the preferred choice for large diameter pipe applications, typically:

  • UID (Unidentified Intermittent Discharge) schemes
  • CSO (Combined Sewage Overflow) schemes
  • Network replacement or upgrade schemes to provide online or offline storage capacity
  • DG5 Flood Alleviation Schemes
  • Stormwater Attenuation
  • Foul Storage Pipes
  • Network Growth Schemes, typically new infrastructure for planned new developments
  • Sewer Diversions
  • Sewage Treatment Works

AquaSpira pipes are particularly suited to projects where large diameter pipes need to be installed in existing roads. Key benefits include:

  • Significantly smaller OD of pipes reduces required footprint, excavation and cart-away by an average 25% compared to concrete pipe.
  • Reduced backfill material due to smaller trenches and the straight profile of the pipe and joint.
  • Standard Plant – AquaSpira pipes weigh 5% the weight of an equivalent size concrete pipe.
  • Short lengths and minimal OD enables pipes to be manoeuvred around or beneath other existing services.
  • Average 60% fewer loads, often into residential areas with delivery constraints.
  • Quick, accurate and safe jointing with spigot & socket, sealed, push-fit joints.
  • Substantial programme reduction.
  • Genuine Health & Safety benefits.
  • Simple, neat method for creating lateral connections.



AquaSpira pipes are now firmly established as the most cost effective method for providing stormwater attenuation on new housing developments where the system is to be adopted under a Section 104 Agreement.

It is now Possible and Practical to install larger diameter pipes in the estate roads of a new housing development – often eliminating, or certainly reducing the need for off-line storage tanks and the valuable land required to accommodate them. Further details available here

  • Much smaller OD’s of pipes
  • Light Weight
  • Shorter lengths that fit inside standard Trench Boxes


The examples below demonstrate the significant Programme and Cost Savings available

Storage Capacity Required = 300m3 Pipe Type
Concrete AquaSpira
Nominal Diameter 1200 1500
Pipe Socket Outside Diameter 1590 1590
Trench Width (approx) Equal
Trench Depth (approx) 300mm More 300mm Less
Capacity per linear metre of pipe (m3) 1.13 1.77
Metres required to achieve storage capacity 265 169



Storage Capacity Required = 600m3 Pipe Type
Concrete AquaSpira
Nominal Diameter 1500 1800
Pipe Socket Outside Diameter 2010 1915
Trench Width (approx) 95mm More 95mm Less
Trench Depth (approx) 400mm More 400mm Less
Capacity per metre (m3) 1.77 2.54
Metres required to achieve storage capacity 338 236


In addition to the unparalleled Programme and Cost Savings, AquaSpira provides:

  • Innovative Access Bends to replace large concrete manholes.
  • Less Disruption to local community - 60% fewer deliveries + reduced programme.
  • Genuine Health & Safety benefits.

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AquaSpira pipes have been used on many of the largest Commercial, Industrial and Public Realm projects over the past 5 years.

  • Airports
  • Ports & Container Terminals
  • Warehousing & Industrial Units
  • Schools
  • Residential

There are many options for providing stormwater attenuation for these types of schemes, but unfortunately, with many of these options there is no way of maintaining and cleaning them (as required by BS EN752), leading to inevitable blockage that cannot be removed, rendering the drainage system to be useless.

AquaSpira provide high quality systems designed to perform to the highest standard for the design life of the project.

  • Full Access for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.
  • Quick, simple and efficient Installation.
  • No risk of corrosion.
  • Adoptable by Water Companies, where required.
  • 100+ Year Design Life.




The combined features of AquaSpira CSR Pipes make them the ideal choice for Hydro Energy pipelines

  • Smooth PE internal Bore
  • Spigot & Socket, Push-Fit Joint - enables rapid installation to a consistent high standard, without any requirement for welding
  • Short lengths available to facilitate necessary curves
  • Wide range of diameters from 900 – 2250mmØ
  • Steel reinforced structure provides greater stiffness than plastic pipe
  • External ribs lock in to surround material to ensure no risk of longitudinal movement
  • Joints rated to 1 bar pressure

AquaSpira pipes are ideally suited to Low Head, High Volume designs, or as a much more cost effective pipe solution for the upstream element of High Head, Low Volume designs.




AquaSpira pipes are now firmly established as the high quality, cost effective alternative to conventional concrete pipes for Motorway Schemes, new Road Infrastructure, Highway Improvements and Adoptable Estate Roads.

  • Composite steel reinforced pipe-wall provides stable, long-term structural performance.
  • No risk to highway surface*.
  • Not affected by repeated loading*.
  • Proven performance in the most arduous main road locations.
  • Significant Installation, safety and programme benefits.

*For further details please contact tech@aquaspira.com


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