AquaSpira is dedicated to producing high quality, innovative products for the drainage and construction market. Our focus is on providing large diameter pipes and fittings from 600mmØ to 2250mmØ.

Our Products

Gravity Pipes

Pipes are available in 14 different diameters from 600mmØ to 2250mmØ. Pipes are typically used for:

Surface Water Drainage or Storage
Foul Water Drainage or Storage

Pipeline access

An innovative range of Access Units developed to simplify the method of incorporating access into large diameter pipelines, radically accelerating the process of installation and significantly improving site safety.

The units are designed to replace conventional concrete manholes, which are very large, cumbersome and extremely time consuming to build – often just to accommodate a slight change in direction of the pipeline!

Tank Systems

Our unique range of large diameter fittings enables engineers and contractors to design and build complete tank systems for Storm Water and Foul Water Attenuation or Storage. AquaSpira tank components are much more robust and durable than alternative plastic fabrications