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The Future of Pipes. Now.

Low carbon large diameter drainage pipe solutions.

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From the mitigation of flood risk to increased health and safety on site, Aquaspira design and manufacture the next generation of stormwater drainage solutions that can be installed quickly and efficiently to minimise programme time.

Gravity Pipes
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Pipes for the

Post-concrete era

Aquaspira deliver huge benefits across a range of sectors. Composite Steel Reinforced (CSR) pipes challenge norms and raise the bar for future pipes to come.

Water Utilities


Transport Infrastructure




The large diameter concrete drainage pipe
alternative you’ve been waiting for

Rapid installation

Installed within an hour compared to several days for a conventional large manhole.

Reduced programme

Fast track construction schedules with considerable cost and time savings.

Enhanced safety

Safer construction procedure enables deep excavations to be backfilled immediately.

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Fibre optic sensing of Pipe Deformation

New Research highlights a novel approach to buried pipeline condition monitoring   As part of the SmartSense Innovation programme, Aquaspira has published their most recent research in the Journal ‘Sensors’...


Low Carbon Solution Boosts Perth ‘Super Sewer’ Works

A new ‘super sewer’ project solution in Perth has been tipped to save 234 tonnes of carbon. Aquaspira has provided 520 metres of reinforced steel composite pipes as part of…