AquaSpira is an innovative and dynamic pipe manufacturer dedicated to providing the next generation of large diameter drainage solutions using the very latest composite materials and manufacturing technology.

Since its formation in 2007, AquaSpira has grown significantly and is now a mainstream supplier to each of its core sectors. Our reputation for Quality, Innovation, Customer Service and After Sales Support is a credit to our dedicated and highly experienced staff at all levels of the business.

Our People - The company's greatest asset however is not our state of the art, production facility or the engineered excellence of each product that it produces, but rather our people, who are individually committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality, service and support to our customers. Spearheading the company is a highly experienced management team with over 100 years combined service acquired with market leading businesses in the drainage and pipe manufacturing sector.

Caring for our Environment - In a world that is increasingly concerned about its environment, it is reassuring to know that despite the enhanced performance of AquaSpira CSR Pipes, on average they use 30% less material by weight than structured wall plastic pipes and only a fraction of that required to manufacture concrete or clay drainage products. Innovative technology - delivering a better future now, for generations to come.